hand dialing the phone with shallow background

Voicemail allows callers to leave you a voice message when you don’t answer your phone. Setting it up is simple.

How to Set Up Voicemail

  • From your home phone – Dial 248 then Press #
  • If setting up or accessing your voice mailbox while away from home dial your home number, wait for your greeting to start playing then press the * key.
  • Enter your passcode, followed by the # key (your passcode will be 0000 by default) you can change it during the set-up process.
  • You will hear the main menu read to you, follow the prompt
  • Press 9 for mailbox set-up

The Following Options Will Now Be Available:

  • Press 1: Greeting options (You can disregard this step if you choose to use the default greeting.)
  • Press 2: Change your password (the default is set to 0000)
  • Press 3: Notification Options
  • Press 4: To disable/enable Auto Log-in
  • Press *: To return to the main menu

How To Change or Record Your Greeting

  • Press 1: Greeting Options
  • Press 4: To record your greeting
  • Press #: To end your recording
  • Press 1: To listen to your greeting
  • Press 2: To save your greeting
  • Press 3: To delete your greeting
  • Press 4: To re-record your greeting (follow steps 3-5 once more once you are finished recording
  • Press *: Return to the mailbox setup

How To Retrieve Messages

From The Main Menu

  • Press 1: For message retrieval menu
    • Press 1: New message
    • Press 2: Saved messages
    • Press 3: Return to the main menu

Listen to Messages

  • Press 1: Play or replay the message
  • Press 2: Save the message and go to the next message
  • Press 3: Delete the message and go to the next message
  • Press 4: Save the message as a new message
  • Press *: To return to the main menu