Speed Test

Experiencing Slow Speeds? Take a Speed Test

Before beginning the speed test, make sure you turn off or disconnect any other devices connected to the internet. This includes ALL wireless devices connected to your Internet. Speed test results performed on a wireless device are not as accurate as using a laptop or desktop that is connected directly to your modem or router using an ethernet cable. When you click the speed test button below, you will be taken to the Speed Test Website. Wait for the page to fully load, then click on “Begin Test” at the top of the laptop image on the Speed Test Website.

Begin Test fig 1
(Fig 1)

The test will take several minutes to complete. Once the speed test is complete, your Ping, Download, and Upload speeds will be displayed.

Speed test fig 2
(Fig 2)

To share your results with a Technician or CSR, please click “Share This Result”. From the new options displayed, click Web, Image, or Embed and copy the text displayed.

Speed test fig 3
(Fig 3)

Paste this text into an email that you are sending to share your Speed Test results. If you have not spoken to a Technician or CSR yet, you may send your results to Email



Click the Speed Test button to go to the Speed Test Website.

Speed test

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